Note: This project is no longer being actively maintained.


Static site starter kits from your friends at thoughtbot

The kits (so far)

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What's included?

Proteus is a collection of useful starter kits to help you launch your static site or prototype faster. They follow the thoughtbot styleguide and include our favorite front end tools:

A gem to make it even easier

Just run this to install it:

gem install proteus-kits

Then pick the project you want to start (i.e. Middleman)

proteus new middleman your-project-name

We've also included some handy shortcuts for you to use in your kit:


What's up with the name?
Proteus was an early Greek sea god and a shapeshifter. The English word "protean" means "able to do many things, change easily, versatile". We use static site generators to prototype apps and sites quickly, so it seemed like a good fit.
I found a bug / Have an improvement / Want to help
Great! The best way to make the kits better is to open an Issue on that kit on Github. Bonus points if you submit a Pull Request to fix a problem. Ask @joshuaogle if you have any questions on where to get started.
My favorite generator isn't listed!
We'll be adding more as we find ourselves using more of them. Can't wait? Put together a template that includes the tools listed above and open a pull request adding it to the list.