MKRC(1) General Commands Manual MKRC(1)

bless files into a dotfile managed by rcm

mkrc [
] [
-t tag
] [
-d dir
] [
-B hostname
] files ...

This program adds files to your dotfiles directory then installs it back into your home directory. It can install files under a tag or different source directory. It supports these options:
use the supplied hostname instead of computing one. Implies -o.
copy instead of symlinking when installing the rc file back into your home directory
install dotfiles under the specified directory. This can be specified multiple times.
show usage instructions.
install dotfiles into the host-specific directory
decrease verbosity
treat the specified rc files as files to be symlinked, even if they are directories
if the rc file is a file, symlink it; otherwise, make a directory structure as described in rcup(1) in the section ALGORITHM. This is the default.
install dotfiles according to tag
the specified files or directories are to be installed without a leading dot.
the specified files or directories are to be installed with a leading dot. This is the default.
increase verbosity. This can be repeated for extra verbosity.
show the version number.

User configuration file. Defaults to ~/.rcrc.

~/.dotfiles ~/.rcrc

mkrc ~/.vimrc
mkrc -t zsh -d company-dotfiles ~/.zshrc ~/.zlogin
mkrc -o ~/.rcrc
mkrc -C .ssh
mkrc -S .zpretzo
mkrc -U bin

lsrc(1), rcdn(1), rcup(1), rcrc(5), rcm(7)

mkrc is maintained by Mike Burns <> and thoughtbot
July 28, 2013 Debian