Building or Creating Multiple Records

Sometimes, you'll want to create or build multiple instances of a factory at once.

built_users   = build_list(:user, 25)
created_users = create_list(:user, 25)

These methods will build or create a specific amount of factories and return them as an array. To set the attributes for each of the factories, you can pass in a hash as you normally would.

twenty_year_olds = build_list(:user, 25, date_of_birth: 20.years.ago)

In order to set different attributes for each factory, these methods may be passed a block, with the factory and the index as parameters:

twenty_somethings = build_list(:user, 10) do |user, i|
  user.date_of_birth = (20 + i).years.ago

create_list passes saved instances into the block. If you modify the instance, you must save it again:

twenty_somethings = create_list(:user, 10) do |user, i|
  user.date_of_birth = (20 + i).years.ago!

build_stubbed_list will give you fully stubbed out instances:

stubbed_users = build_stubbed_list(:user, 25) # array of stubbed users

There's also a set of *_pair methods for creating two records at a time:

built_users   = build_pair(:user) # array of two built users
created_users = create_pair(:user) # array of two created users

If you need multiple attribute hashes, attributes_for_list will generate them:

users_attrs = attributes_for_list(:user, 25) # array of attribute hashes